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Adventure Holidays
Are you in a hurry to find a place to be in thrill? Do you want to throw all the stress of daily fixed time table? Adventures give a way for it. Spend your holidays with having thrill and fun of adventure.

Here we are for you to make the thrill of adventure holidays. Just forget about the place where you spend time daily. It is the time to fly on the sky, walk on the waves, nature and wildlife, walking and trekking, diving, cycling.... or to the thrill that never ends. An adventure means make your dreams come true. To move on to the adventure what you need is the feel of comfortable to take the fun on risk. We are with you to give our hands to make your dreams come true.

Make a call or Email to us. We will transform your dreams about adventure to reality.

Different season helps you to catch different adventures in India and world around which are in most beautiful locations. Your taste of adventure facilitates you to opt it from air sports, water sports or ground sports.

Your taste is our service.

India is one of the premier Adventure Destinations. The landscape offers Land, Mountain, Water, Desert, Snow and many other varied base activities. My first Rappelling experience got me hooked and till date I have done upto 350 feet at Duke Nose. Staying in a tent in the wild is a daring experience. Trust me when you have only a thin material protecting you from the outside world, an owl hooting and the open sky. Oops! You must experience this freedom. Some of the activities like Valley crossing, Zorbing, Rafting give an adrenal rush and one wants to do it again and again. We all are fascinated with the Snow. From baby slopes at Solang where you learn to Ski to Heli Skiing we can offer you a range.

We offer our expertise, trainers, equipment and guidance for any of these activities. You may be a first timer or have done it before or you want to do it on a Professional basis, you have come to the right place.

Is your child looking for a fun filled Holiday with activities and little adventure? Then send him to the Children’s Adventure Camp. It is open for various age groups ranging from 7 yrs to 19 yrs.

Four Pillars of our Children Camps
1. Sharing and Caring
2. Taking Responsibility
3. Coping with Fear
4. Associating with Nature

Why go on a CAMP?
- A Range of fun filled activities
- Making new Friends
- Enjoying the Outdoors
- Enjoy Nature and learning from Nature
- Learning new things with a difference
When are the CAMP?
1. Diwali Vacations
2. Summer Vacations
Who will take care of us at the CAMP?
- A Team of Outdoor Experts
- The Resort / Farm House people

What are the things to do at a CAMP?

1. Adventure activities - Rappelling, Rock climbing, etc
2. Creative – Skits, Clay Modeling
3. Group stays – Tents or Dormitories
4. Camp fire – A chance to show your talent
5. Fun activities - Rifle Shooting, Archery, Team Building games
6. Jungle Trek
7. Educative activities - Sky gazing, Morse code, Pugmark casting, etc

In today’s times a weekend holiday is the requirement for each individual. Students are burdened with studies, Women balancing home and work and Men facing high stess levels at work. So a stay at a Resort or Farm house has to suit each family members requirements and liking. Someone may want to relax and the other wanting to do some activity.

That’s when we come into picture. With the experience and expertise in Adventure, we can set up, execute and maintain an Adventure park for a Resort, Hotel or Farm House. In School Physical activities have lots of importance. PT period is a must. Similarly if we add an activity hour or a session over the weekend at the School premises, this will benefit the children a lot. These activities not only offer physical exercise for fitness but also develop there asthetic awareness and stimulate their mind.

Scope of Developing Adventure Zone:
Resort, Farm house, School, Societies, Some of the Activities , Artificial Rock climbing and Rappelling wall, Zip Line, Commando Bridge, Net climbing, Zorb and runway, Aqua Zorbing, ATV Rides, Skagway, Mountain Cycling with tracks, High Rope Courses, Low Rope Courses, Archery, Obstacle Course, Burma Bridge, Swinging Bridge, Vertical Ladder, Kayaking, Rafts and Rafting.
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