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A bed and morning meal (or B&B) is a small resorts organization that provides over night housing and morning meal, but usually does not provide other foods. Since the 1980's, the significance of the phrase has also prolonged to consist of resorts that are also known as "self-catering" businesses. Generally, bed and breakfasts are personal houses with less than 10 rooms available for professional use.

In Indian, the govt is advertising the idea of bed & morning meal. The govt is doing this to improve travel and leisure, They have categorized B&B in 2 groups - Silver & Silver B&B. All B&B will be accepted by the Secretary of state for Tourism who will then classify it as Silver or Silver centered on the pre-defined requirements.

You will walk into a traditional Indian home and to the friendship of the family. You have the confidence of the families support and protection. The expenses towards boarding facilities will be light on your pocket. Savour delectable home cooked food at economical prices

Experience India in its homes.
Go back with pleasant memories and to say you have a family back in India
You could choose from an array of home stay facilities, which have two categories namely Silver and Gold and is subject to space and conveniences.
India will sideswipe you with its size, clamour and diversity - but if you enjoy delving into convoluted cosmologies and thrive on sensual overload, then it is one of the most intricate and rewarding dramas unfolding on earth, and you'll quickly develop an abiding passion for it.

Nothing in this country is ever quite predictable; the only thing to expect is the unexpected, which comes in many forms and will always want to sit next to you. India is a litmus test for many travellers - some are only too happy to leave, while others stay for a lifetime.

You can find India Hotel Accommodation by City Name or Pin Code, using Google Maps which allow you to find the perfect hotel or bed and breakfast - use the Search function to do this.

Blessed with snow-clad peaks, crystal glaciers, rolling meadows and ski slopes, beautiful valleys, meandering and roaring rivers, gushing waterfalls, thick forests rich in wildlife, swampy deltas, long coastlines and magical moonscapes - India has something for everyone looking for adventure.
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Choosing a homestay, also known as a bed and breakfast, can be a good idea, especially for those who are new to the city and appreciate the reassuring presence of a host. As homestays only have a few guest rooms in a residence, service is intimate and personalized, and the hosts usually go overboard to please and offer invaluable advice. In addition, guests are served delicious home cooking and get to experience the Indian way of living.

These popular Delhi homestays offer affordable and delightful alternatives to hotels in Delhi. Most are located in quiet, modern residential areas in south Delhi.
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