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Fascinating Assam (Asom ,Axom )straddles the fertile Brahmaputra valley , making it the most accessible core of indias northeast . The archetypal assamese landscape offers mesmerizing autumnal vistas over seemingly endless gold green rice fields patched with palm and bamboo groves and distantly hemmed with hazy blue mountain horizons .In between are equally gorgeous manicured tea estates .Unlike Srilanka s or Darjeeling s Assamese tea estates are flat and take their particular scenic splendour from the dappled shade of interplanted acecia trees leaves from the blazing sun .

Assamese people might look Indian but Assamese culture is proudly distinct : the neoVaishnavite faith is virtually a national religion and the gamosa ( a red and white embroidered scarf worn for prayer by most Assamese men ) is a subtle mark of national costume . Despite similarities between Bengalis and Assamese alphabets ,assam is vehemently NOT Bengal .The Assamese have long bemoaned a perceived neglect and imperial attitude from delhi for failing to stem that tide if immigration .

Assam is a delightful hospitable and deeply civilized place that you can easily grow to love . Its national park protect a remarkable range of wildlife .

Getting there and away
Gawahati s pleasantly orderly Lok –priya Gopinath Bordoloi international airport .
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